Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shut Up!

If I see one more fucking commenter say "Don't hold back! Tell us how you really feel." in response to a curse filled rant, I'm going to fucking snap someone's neck. Then I'm going to ask them how they feel about THAT.

UPDATE: Anonymous asks me how I really feel and that makes it damn doubly annoying. How the hell am I going to ring his neck? Do I have to choke everyone or do I start choking invisible people in mime?

UPDATE II: I just realized that, because this is a blog post, it looks like I'm talking to the commenters here. I'm not. I wrote a post about blogposts, yet forgot to think of it in the context of what it would sound like as a post on a blog. That is fucking hilarious, and that's how I really feel.

UPDATE III: It occurs to me that update number two is the kind of thing that only I will find funny, so I suggest that you don't read it.

UPDATE IV: This seems as good a post as any to randomly update for a while. It's kind of a thing I've always wanted to do, but never really had the inclination. Wait, that doesn't make sense.

UPDATE V: Today I'm planning to start jumping out of airplanes again. This should be fun.

Update VI: Oh man, that was fucking awesome. I love skydiving!

UPDATE VII: People who slurp their coffee are annoying. I'm going to start hitting them with a shovel and then slurping their blood up with a straw to show them how annoying it is.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Anonymous said...

You deserved that. Quit being a prick to your readers and be a prick to Megan instead.

NutellaonToast said...

Did one of my readers say that? I had no intention of being a prick to my readers with that post.

spencer said...

Look, all I know is that the poll is starting to get as stale as Megan's Gadget of the Month. Is Brad ever going to come up with another one?

AJ in Boston said...

I get it now, after multiple updates. I withdraw the prick comment, as well as my anonymity.

Dhalgren said...

I think Megan wrote the new poll for us - 'what's the worst thing to happen to a person, besides being poor?'

clever pseudonym said...


1) having to attend public school.
2) not being able to afford an appletini after a Broadway show.
3) keeping your Mini-Cooper parked in the driveway for months.
4) downshifting from Prada to Banana Republic because of budgetary limitations.
5) graduating from a state university.

Dillon said...

'what's the worst thing to happen to a person, besides being poor?'

Straight from the horse's mouth :

being called a bitch;
being called fat and unattractive (by bloggers!);
receiving shabby treatment from retail staff;
unclean premises;
having to abide by the terms of a lease agreement when it is personally inconvenient.

highway234 said...

^in the link above, i like where M. to the McA. talks about how people promptly adopt richer, more attractive friends right after quitting bathing. i can say this hasn't been my personal experience.