Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Depressing Shit I Hadn't Noticed

David Lynch signed the "free Polanski" big name Hollywood French artist organization's petition. Woody Allen, sure, he's a statutory incestuous rapist himself, so it'd be hypocritical for him not to support Polanski, but Lynch disappoints me. I realize Polanski's kind of behavior is fodder for Lynch's imagination, but that doesn't make it something we as a society should tolerate. Rape is quite horrible enough in and of itself, but to call a life of luxury and privilege everywhere but in the US a punishment is fucking stupid. No talent is great enough to excuse crimes like rape or murder, and using status and/or wealth to escape justice is just as wrong. I can't help but think if this were the case of a redneck who raped his stepdaughter in Georgia then lived under a false name in Arizona for 20 years many of the same people would sign a petition arguing against clemency.
I don't mean to sound wingnutty, I'm just sad David Lynch would allow personal familiarity and the artist's privilege to excuse this bullshit.

*sigh* Buck Henry signed it. And Terry Gilliam, though after Tideland I suppose I'm not shocked, and Scorsese, and many more disappointing names. I realize the petition is supposed to be about a defense of the festival, but that, also, is bullshit. Film festivals do not have the ability to extend diplomatic immunity, and there's a clear difference between Polanski and a criminalized political dissident.

So yes, I'm back, tho I'll probably need a couple days to stretch my legs and get back into form. Any lowlights that Nutella didn't get to? I haven't looked at Megan's output in at least 10 days.


NutellaonToast said...

All I've done is the easy stuff. I'm too lazy to actually look at any of her bullshit lately. Enjoy several multipage "wonkfests."

Anonymous said...

She got stuff wrong and then wrote a bunch more posts on the same topic, as if we wouldn't notice how wrong she was if she just kept typing. Then she gave up and admitted she was wrong.

Susan of Texas said...

I wrote some posts but then my brain started to hurt.