Monday, October 19, 2009

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Kindle Goes on a World Tour:

Amazon just dropped the price of its Kindle from $299 to $259, and is apparently adding an international version for $279 that will work on GSM networks abroad. The company plans to sell the new Kindle in 100 countries.
I'm being unfair, tho, this isn't about product placement, it's about Megan.
It will never be as common as the iPod or cell phone, but the time is pretty quickly coming when it won't attract questions from strangers when I pull it out.
She also thinks that dropping the price to $200 would make lots of people want to pay $200 to be able to buy books that can run out of battery power. Who wouldn't pay $200 for entry to a bookstore where the lights go off if you stay too long and which will soon be made obsolete by a slightly shinier bookstore with slightly longer lasting lights across the street which you'll have to pay another $200 to get into? Oh, and you can't take the books you buy out of the store. You're paying for a license to look at them, not to own the books themselves.


Chad said...

Off-topic for the specific post, but I've been skimming the Marquis de Sade's "Juliette" for a term paper (really) and came across a scene where the heroine is sexually aroused by the act of denying any charity to starving peasants. Immediately I thought of Libertarians in general and Megan in particular.

clever pseudonym said...

Not to mention a book that is rendered useless by even the most minor accidents, you can't spill a drop of water on without ruining it, or leaves you out hundreds of dollars if you suffer any of the above or forgetfully leave it behind somewhere. It's much cheaper to just get the words "ASSHOLE YUPPIE CONSUMER WHORE" tattooed on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

So I guess Megan has access to Amazon's market research that shows that sales of the Kindle will go through the roof once it's sold for $199. No? She's just pulling numbers out of her ass again?

For me (and I'm guessing for lots of people, but I don't have access to Amazon's market research), this kind of thing seems expensive anywhere over $100; it's a psychological thing. Get it closer to $50 than $100 and I might start to consider buying it.

blivet said...

OMG Chad, it's Atlas Shrugged!

Susan of Texas said...

If there were another reason to buy it (for school or work) than people would, but you have to worry about power running out, have to pay to rent books, the screen's a little too gray and dim, and internet magazines and real books are just easier to read.

Plus Megan has a propensity to being a victim of theft. Along with CP's tattoo she also has "EASY MARK" plastered all over her.

Quicksand said...

"the time is pretty quickly coming when it won't attract questions from strangers when I pull it out"

That's funny, when I pull it out I get shocked expressions and screaming.

Anonymous said...

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