Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Kitten Quandry

I know, I've been slacking still. Busy week, now with a new twist. There's a kitten in my basement. A small, I'd guess about 12 weeks old, (oops, more like 5 months) all black very friendly and loving little male kitten. He's hard to photograph, being all black and an always moving kitten, but here's some shots to get the idea.

I just discovered him a couple hours ago tonight, so I'm not sure what to do with him. For the moment he has to stay in the basement in case of sickness he might give Binkley, but he now has a large amount of food and water, a litter, and a warm bed so he should be ok until the morning (plus I put his bed in the boiler room where it's warm). I'm tempted to keep him, but I think Binkley prefers being an only child. In any case I have to get him checked out tomorrow, and if anyone in the NYC area reaaaaaaaally wants a cat, he's an incredibly friendly little guy. And if anyone knows a good animal rescue/shelter/vet in Brooklyn do plz share.
The disturbing part of the story is the super was in the basement yesterday, apparently mentioned the kitten to the building owner, but left it down there locked in, with no food and only dirty rain runoff for water. In other words, my super is a huge asshole. I'm glad I heard the little guy crying.
*end random digression*


NutellaonToast said...

Why do curmudgeons like us always have a soft spot for our feline friends?

I think it's because they keep their stupid opinions to themselves.

Susan of Texas said...

Bat Alert! Megan on Kudlow, at 7 pm (now, on the east coast). I missed it--we're one hour earlier.

M. Bouffant said...

Damn, wish I were in NY (not really, but).

Once I re-housed my sorry ass, I decided to let my previous feline friend stay where she'd been staying, as she seemed very happy there. So now I'm short a feline roomie, & here one appears, except a couple thousand miles too far away.