Thursday, October 8, 2009

Law Abiding Citizens

The ever valuable John Cole points us to an article about a mom who used to carry her gun to soccer practice. Apparently that ended with her and her husband dead in a murder suicide. It's unclear who did which part of that little pact; though there is reason to believe that the husband shot her and then himself.

Which brings us to the Megan and her predictions. Back when people were carrying AK-47s around at political rallies, Megan was unperturbed. After all;

the rate of crime associated with legal gun possession or carrying seems to be very low.[three links not included.]
Apparently statistics for the subset of legal gun owners that carry their guns around in wildly inappropriate places are different than those for the entire set of legal gun owners. It's almost as if there's a distinction between gun owners and crazy fucking gun owners.

To be fair, the legal gun carrier in this case may not be the perpetrator. However, crazy people tend to flock together. Her husband prolly wasn't crazy enough to go a killin' without presenting other craziness first. I doubt that anyone who wasn't a bit batty themselves would get involved with that. (To be clear, that is not to blame the victim. Crazy men also attract crazy women and -- I'm guessing -- men and men as well as women and women in non-heteronormative land.)

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