Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Enough Already

slow day posting for our muse, time to dig out and get up to date.

Freedom isn't free:

I don't know quite what to say about the Bush administration's midnight regulations allowing healthcare workers to exercise their "conscience", or the Obama administration's rapid undoing of same, because I find both sides so inimical to liberty.
She doesn't know what to say, but she's posting about it anyway. What a trooper.
I think pharmacists have a perfect right of conscience to refuse to dispense birth control, but the pharmacy has a perfect right of conscience to fire him for not doing his job. What's next? A first amendment right for Christian scientists to become surgeons without performing procedures? A legal obligation for doctors to preside over executions?
Megan? That last bit kinda already exists, at least in some states, if not every state with the death penalty. U so smert.
Also, check the comments here. Megan's commitment to civility includes allowing "Basic Fact" to call everyone who disagrees with them a baby-killer and worse, repeatedly and angrily. Megan has even exchanged emails with "Basic Fact", leading them to feel confident she won't ban them. Loverly.

Loan masters:

You probably already saw Susan pointing and laughing at this post, where Megan claims the gubbermint can't possibly handle the terribly complex task of handing out student loans before being forced to admit that, yes, the gubbermint already performs the terribly complex task of handing out student loans. But handing out more loans would totally derail the system, cuz of Megan's not stupid, no no no!

How likely is that cap and trade revenue?:

Obama's lofty goals will be totally derailed by Megan's personal choices.

Ok, quick break in the shorters while I go mildly off-topic for a post. Then back to digging out.

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