Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Fire Dept. Should Be Staffed With Arsonists

after all, who knows better how to put out a fire than the person who started it?

No experience necessary:

Economics of Contempt delivers a ringing endorsement of Rodge Cohen for deputy treasury secretary, but points out that there's no way he'll get confirmed, because he's too tied to the financial system.
In other words, like with Gephardt, blind Republican obstructionism might have a stopped clock moment and keep the wrong person out, albeit for the wrong reasons. As the blogger Megan quotes says;
He was heavily involved in the events of last September. He represented Lehman during the weekend negotiations before it filed for bankruptcy, then a few days later represented Barclays in its acquisition of Lehman's U.S. investment banking unit. He also represented Wachovia (his longtime client) in the Citi/Wells Fargo debacle, and presumably advised Wachovia's board of directors that its fiduciary duty required it to accept Wells Fargo's offer, even though that meant violating its exclusivity agreement with Citi. I'm sure Cohen has represented other Wall Street financial houses at various points in the financial crisis as well.
Sure, we're trying to send up an inmate to help run the asylum, but at least he already knows all the other crazies. And I'm just being biased against the mentally ill, sez Megan.
Perhaps we should just give up entirely on the idea of putting someone who, like, knows something about the financial system, in charge of the financial system. Is Dr. Phil available? Sure, he may not know much about banking, but he's very popular, and people like to watch him bossing other people around.
I like Zach Galifianakis a lot, can we nominate him for something?
How about Colbert?

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Downpuppy said...

Arson investigators definitely make good arsonists - cf Kate Wilhelm, The Dark Door