Thursday, March 12, 2009

God Save Us

Ross Douthat, Megan's idiot-in-arms at teH atLantiC, is taking over for Bill Kristol.

We are not winning, people.

Update: Susan has taken a look at this, too.


M. Bouffant said...

Oh, sure we're winning.

Having Douthat exposed to even more eyeballs can only be good, because he's such a ninny.

CaptBackslap said...

I dunno, with Douthat I mostly get a sense that he's a dude who means well but completely disagrees with my views on a lot of fundamental issues (which is unsurprising, since he has fundamentally different assumptions about the universe than I do).

That's a huge step up from Kristol, who borders on metaphysical evil. Or, for that matter, Megan McArdle, who clearly just doesn't give a shit about anyone outside her little circle.

Dhalgren said...

The NY Times didn't need to add to their roster. They already had a resident idiot (Friedman).

And Douthat is too close to 'Doubt That' or 'asshat' anyway.

Dhalgren said...

I will take some solace in knowing that a man 6 years my junior sounds grumpier and older than Andy Rooney on a good day.

Anonymous said...

christ, that means Suderman will get his blog

spencer said...

Dhalgren, that's a good point. It makes me feel much better about my recent birthday.