Monday, March 30, 2009

I Know, I Know

it's like she put up the bat-signal and I'm not answering the call.
I'll get to it, I'm just readjusting to it being nice enough out to go for walks. Lots of winter antsy to work off.


Anonymous said...

HEY PEOPLE! Time to wake the fuck up and start doing your job. After several, interminable, weeks, Megan has finally quit the perfessor econoblog/business shit and gone back to plain old stupid. This is five hours old and it's already a classic:

"The Sun-Times group has filed for bankruptcy. I know a lot of journalists these days who are wishing they'd gone into something steady, like moving to Detroit and becoming an autoworkers."

They want to move to Detroit to become an inronworkers. Instant classic.

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