Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh... Fuck

Atlas raised his eyebrows:

She's really gonna make me do it, isn't she. I'm going to... arrrrrgh.

Perhaps predictibly, Ayn Rand is making a comeback on the right, with Congressmen handing out her books, and loose talk of rich people "Going Galt".
I don't think that we will see a mass exodus of productive people to secret hideouts. I look to Atlas Shrugged more for conveniently totable beach reading than an economic blueprint. What's interesting to me, though, is how many details Rand did get right...
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck a duck. I have to do it, don't I. It was my idea to begin with, I have no excuse.
She was able to describe these things so well, of course, because she'd seen what an economy looked like while it was being wrecked. All of Rand's writing is dominated by the fact that she lived through the birth pangs of Soviet Russia, and saw her family's business destroyed by Lenin's ideology, and extraordinarily incompetent economic management.
Megan just unintentionally compared Bush to Lenin. That might be my favorite thing she'll ever write.
Anyhow, yeah, I have to write the paper and turn it in eventually. The zombie corpse of the Atlas Shrugged Project is twitching. I don't know quite what form the monster will take in this sequel, but there's clearly life in the old hag yet.
(Yes, I should admit I edited out Megan's criticisms of the... book. Too bad, so sad.)


Susan of Texas said...

How many lies can one person tell in a minute or two of typing? Conveniently totable? It's the size and weight of a pile of bricks. And she doesn't like the book all that much, doesn't like the characters at all, yet calls herself jane galt? Right.

She'll keep doing this if people don't push back.

Which means I should finish the damn thing post on it too. Crap.

Marshall said...

Better you than me. I tried to read it one time so that I could get one of those scholarships that they give but I got twenty pages in and said, no, no, no amount of money is worth reading this.

NutellaonToast said...

Susan she has claimed before that Jane Galt was not a name she liked much, but just something that she created to annoy someone else. She says it was created during some arguments in some forum or another sometime long ago.....

Of course, why the fuck she decided to make the here nam de plume (sp?) is beyond any sane person. You'll have to just remember who we're dealing with.

clever pseudonym said...

If you guys haven't read Gore Vidal's take on Ayn Rand, do it. It's terrific.

spencer said...

NoT, it's very telling that she'd go that far in an effort to annoy somebody.