Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Much Of A Thought At All

Randy Andy, who's probably the shitheel who hired McMegan in the first place, explains the Ross ("My name isn't pronounced the way it's spelled, but ...") Douthat thing in the context of The Atlantic. Someone w/ the name Wilkinson wrote somewhere (NB: I'm sick of this crap. Not everyone is in your empty little Villager world, where all the assholes are on a first or last name only basis. Use full names, Andy & Megan!) & then Andy comes in & reveals his crypto-fascist project:

I’ve always thought the carnival of erudition that is Reihan’s mind deserves a more prominent showcase, which is why I dearly hope the Atlantic will do the natural thing and hand Ross’s blog over Reihan. The blog would be sort of the same but completely different all at the same time.
There's Conor too. And Suderman. And Poulos. And Jacobs. And many others given a chance by the American Scene and Culture 11 and the blogosphere. I'm just glad I work at a place which has given these new voices a platform, and has done more already to blow some air at some dying conservative embers than much of establishment conservatism.
"Carnival of erudition?" Hoo boy. How much you wanna bet that they give Suderman a gig so McA. won't have to support him any longer?

(Note to self: Get back on the meds, or you're going to kill someone who deserves it, if you keep reading this insufferable crap. And ask the croaker about some blood pressure meds, too. FUCK!!!)

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Mendacious D said...

Wait, you mean that's not how it's pronounced?

Then why am I always thinking of Rammstein when I see his name?