Friday, March 6, 2009

The Internet: Bringing you Horrible Shit Tailored to your Specific Taste in Horrible Shit

The Atlantic has realized that, though their wisdom is infinite, it is not applied in an exact enough manner. Lo! That shall change, for now we've got "Ask the Editors!"

That's right kids! Now, instead of having random issues addressed in a poorly researched, shallowly reasoned, and ideological bent, you can have specific issues addressed in a poorly researched, shallowly reasoned, and ideological bent!

Ah, the march of progress! Soon we'll have McArdle beamed right into our brains! Oh, the fun we'll have!

On a side note, I know "beamed" is the proper spelling, but doesn't "beemed" look a lot better? I mean, it looks like it's being beamed! How awesome is that?!?! I know, pretty fucking awesome, right? Write to Webster's! We'll make it happen.


Dhalgren said...

Ooooo, the second comment somehow got posted. It might be the most personal yet!

Blueye said...

I think she got demoted because she used to be "the editor" and now the answers will come from "the editors." They probably had to create co-editor positions to keep Megan from fucking the thing completely up. How many diatribes like her Playboy/boyfriend posts can Teh Atlantic stand?

spencer said...

Ouch, Dhalgren. How did *that* get through?

clever pseudonym said...

And how is it still there?

Dillon said...

It doesn't look like any answers have been posted yet. If they have, I can't find them.

Poking around the Atlantic website, though, I found something much better. There is a new Food category in the Channels section (coming soon!). Presumably, McArdle will be a contributor.

I can say without a hint of sarcasm that I am very excited about this.