Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old People Are Not Hip

Megan? I'm looking at you.

We screened The Room a few weeks ago for a few friends, and it's everything the AV Club says about it, and so much more.
First off, you didn't screen shit. You watched it on your tv. Difference.
Second, if you need the Onion AV Club to tell you about some aspect of popular culture, you might as well start buying the adult diapers now. No disrespect to the good people of the Onion, it's just that they cover shit a couple years after the fact, so the NYTimes can hear about it and cover it six months later.
The Room is quite funny, as was discovered by anyone who knows anything about comedy or bad film or just what "the kids" are talking about back not long after it came out in 2003. Next up, Megan comes up with the crazy idea of dressing up like Dr. Frankenfurter for a Rocky Horror screening. Thank jebus she's too tone deaf to understand Zach Galifianakis. If she ever discovers Mr. Show I'm going to find a way to contact David Cross and ask him to send her an insulting email.

And yes, I understand that several of you reading this may not have heard of The Room. I'm not calling you an old person for that, being an old person is really about a state of mind where you think being about half a decade behind the times means you're still "with it".


Susan of Texas said...

We screened The Room

I laughed at that too. Actualy I snickered, but same diff.

clever pseudonym said...

For crap sake, Steven Spielberg "screens" movies. What a pretentious git.

The entire production and marketing costs came to about $6 million, which isn't anywhere near "low budget" by independent standards.

Dhalgren said...

It was screened in NYC BTW last Friday at Village East Cinemas and it was a hoot. Three screens. Mr. Wiseau. Now that was a screening.

spencer said...

Eh, I'm kinda old-ish. I can accept it.

Susan of Texas said...

Me too. I was never with it anyway, so I don't care now. Since I was a teen in the 70s and early 80s that's probably a good thing.