Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trying Too Hard

Megan again tries to be cute. It barely works for her appearance, & it never works when she types.

Whatever you think of, say, children who decided to be born poor,
One can only assume (or hope) that she is, in her sad way, actually mocking those who think po' folks are completely responsible for the situation they find themselves in, but when she qualifies it w/ "whatever you think," as if those who think the poor deserve to be screwed on a daily basis have a point somewhere besides the tops of their pinheads, she manages to undercut whatever point she may have been trying to make.

Self-loathing? Just plain dense? World's worst typist? I neither know nor care any longer. My only hope is that The Atlantic will be out of business soon. Then she & her insignificant other can spend all their time sleeping on the streets, except w/o a new iPhone waiting for them every morning.

Let justice be done!

Also: As a California native & resident, I'd just as soon we secede from your United Snakes. Unlike shitholes like Texas (no offense to those few rational beings still living there) we can do just fine w/o the rest of you. Maybe Oregon, Washington & British Columbia will join us, & we can give the finger to East Coast elitists, Midwest morons & Southern shitheels.


FGFM said...

Does that mean we can keep all that Colorado River water?

Susan of Texas said...

I love California, land o' my birth. It's infinitely superior to Texas in climate, scenery, and sanity.

Give New York anything they want, screw California. Nice attitude, Megan.

spencer said...

They always forget about the river water, FGFM.

M. Bouffant said...

Ah, that explains Susan being a real American, despite geography.

Keep your dirty old Colorado River. We'll steal it from the Columbia, once we get Washington & Oregon into our treason. Or we'll just drain the salt from the Pacific.

Bye bye!