Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep Going to the Well


Dow 10,000!!!
We hit it! Amidst all the excitement, it's worth remembering that if we had just two more fingers, we'd still be waiting for it to hit 20,736.

That one never gets old!
The Dow finally surpassed 36,000 today, restoring faith not only in our economy, but in James Glassman and Kevin Hackett, whose Dow 36,000 became an icon of the tech bubble gone wrong. To be sure, they were 12 years early. But what's 12 years between friends?
Can't you just imagine her typing this with a stupid smirk on her face thinking "Damn, I'm so clever. These guys are lucky to have me around."


Dhalgren said...

Another number for Megan to chew on

Mr. Wonderful said...

FSM help me, but I don't get the Dow 36,000 thing. Was it Our Megs' idea of a joke? I also don't get the two more fingers thing. Is all this her way of being "amusing"?

I do admire one of her commenters, who said she "has become such a waste of time." So this wasn't a total loss.

Mr. Wonderful said...

(I meant I'm familiar with the book, and with how wretched a line "an icon of the tech bubble gone wrong" is. I just oh never mind.)

clever pseudonym said...

Got to love the comment criticizing that "waste of time" guy for being pedantic when he pointed out one of the people she was refering to was named "Hassett" and not "Hackett" (she even linked to a page at Amazon where his name was right there at the top. *Headsmack*).

Yeah, expecting journalists to get the names of the people they're referring to right is nitpicking.

Dhalgren said...

I don't get the two more fingers thing either, and I'm pretty smart.

I never met any real-life Libritarians who cared about the DOW. They would tell me through a cloud of pot smoke that "it's just a benchmark...I only care about how much gold I have, cough cough."

NutellaonToast said...

They think that the reason we use base-10 is because of our fingers. If we had 12 fingers, we'd use base-12.

The dow 36,000 joke was that the Dow had hit 36,000 if you use base 6 or 8 or something.

Anonymous said...

Not only is this annoying, I'm smarter than you geekery on Megan's part, but she gets it wrong (of course!).

If we were using base 12, we'd still be treating numbers that ended in a bunch of zeros as special milestones. We'd make note of when the Dow hit 10,000 (base 12), and the fact that 10,000 (base 12)=20,736 (base 10) isn't going to be anything anybody cares about.

People in base 12 land are definately not going to notice when the Dow hits 20,736 (base 12), or when it hits 41,472 (which is 20736 (base 12) converted back to base 10, unless I made a mistake along the way)

Anonymous said...

Ok, last comment was me, but it didn't come out right.

What I meant to say is "Fuck you Megan, I hope you die in a fire. That kind of shit would be almost acceptable (but still not funny) if you were a 18 year old math/CS major just discovering different bases for the first time."

xkcdsucks and FMM are the two blogs I visit that have the basic orange scheme. While xkcd does indeed suck now, one of the better old ones was:

Unilaterally changing basic rules of communication (such as the fact that we use base 10 in spoken/written English) and thinking other people's confusion is funny is not actually a joke.

[slaps Megan]
[slaps Megan again]
"Hey Megan, want me to stop hitting you?"
"Today is opposite day, so yes means no"
[slaps Megan yet again]

Suggestion for FMM and the Atlantic: forget about firing Megan. Give her a raise. I think she deserves $100,000/year. I think you see where I'm going with this; there's a reason that figure only has 1s and 0s in it.