Thursday, October 1, 2009

Speaking of Inconsiderate

Now that everyone's set me straight on Wolverine, let's turn our eyes forward to some "Car Talk:."

Patrick Swayze dies; tragedy for Megan 'cause she loved him when he was 16 (and he never did anything after that).

Heath Ledger dies; tragedy for modern day 16 year olds, because that's the demographic for Brokeback Mountain

But what about those salt of the earth 'Mericans? How does Megan feel about them?

What a PR disaster for Toyota: the company is having to recall millions of cars because four people were killed in a crash that apparently involved improperly installed floor mats.
Ahh, look how she mourns the loss of Toyota's positive PR. And we accuse her of not relating well enough to the faceless common man in the crowd. How wrong we were. Look how quickly she empathizes with the faceless Toyota.
What I sort of don't get is, why didn't they just shift into neutral, slam on the emergency lights, pull the parking brake, and coast to a stop?
What I don't get is; Someone who gets flustered when their wing mirror breaks chiding someone else for losing their wits when faced with death! Also, too, who "slams on" lights?


NutellaonToast said...

Sorry, I know "also, too" is old hat but I just learned it and love it.

Susan of Texas said...

Yeah, she loses it talking to customer service.

Ken Houghton said...

Note her edit:

"Apparently, both the accelerator a/n/d/ b/r/a/k/e/ p/e/d/a/l/ stopped working, a fact that was relayed via cell phone just before the crash."

Leaving "both" to abide, even as one goes away.

UPenn should be embarrassed.

nilsey said...

hey NoT, we love ya, and we love ya more than jackman, but less than we hate cellphones ringing during plays.

keep on keepin on.

Blake said...

I like how the driver is a plural (they) because Megan can't even take the time to read the article and find out whether it was man or a woman. What the hell are emergency lights? Is she thinking of a Mars light and siren type deal, maybe? Does she think that all passenger cars are equipped with them? Maybe Mini Coopers are but not the cars I've ever seen.

It gets even more bizarre if she's thinking about "slamming on" the hazards. Maybe Megan did some research and found that safety experts think the proper protocol to stop a malfunctioning vehicle is dependent upon the driver activating the hazard lights first, but I don't think it's very likely--for numerous reasons.

Unknown said...

Evidently, blaming the victims is perfectly acceptable to her commenters.

Compare that to her most recent bike theft, when anyone who had the audacity to suggest she lock the damn thing or bring it indoors was worse than Hitler.