Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Green To Blue

I haven't been in the mood even to look at McArdle lately, but a visit to Snark-Hunting Susan's informed me that there's a new site design at The Atlantic, & it appears (So excited that we had to post this w/o too much investigation.) that commenting will be easier.

Obviously, if one's not in the mood to read MMcA, reading the comments is even less likely, & Susan advises that it's all pretty much droolers eating the slightly less drooly now. We'll see.

Also noted: Megan can now double post her stuff, under "Business" & "Politics." (And "National" as well.) New favorite category? "Personal." Oh boy.

1 comment:

Morbo said...

Yes, the new color scheme really puts a damper on Sully's armchair revolution.

Also, "y'all?"