Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Know I Am But What Are You?

Shorter "The Benefits of Health Benefits"

Ezra Klein says "If you hate health insurance so much why don't you divorce it?" Hah! Joke's on him! If I could, I'd get rid of my health insurance and get a different kind of health insurance, proving my hatred of health insurance isn't hypocritical. Also, I'd only do this because I'm an upper class white person, and all those studies that show lower class brown people dying from lack of insurance are therefor flawed.

And because I like things I like more than I like things I hate (What?!?!! I DO?!?!?!):


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Clever Pseudonym said...

Alternatively "If my employer didn't provide insurance, I'd still be okay because Daddy has money and Peter has influence. And if I'm okay and won't suffer because of the state of health care, then why change anything?"