Friday, February 12, 2010

Ha Ha?


Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks that Google Docs might be very useful for managing wedding planning tasks. The Official Google Blog notes all the ways in which they're trying to help you plan for that very special day.

However, Google's entry into the wedding planning business is uncharacteristically, almost comically, inept. These tools are free. This is not how wedding planning services work. The way they work is, they charge you $50 for things that are normally free, escalating rapidly if there is actual work or materials involved.
So either she's making a stupid joke about how ridiculous weddings are while she talks endlessly about hers, or else she's too stupid to realize that just about everything Google does is free to individuals.

One thing is certain, it's retarded. And by retarded I mean FUCKING RETARDED. Baby Trig, I'm looking straight at you! Across the hypotenuse!

Wow, I seem to have spelled hypotenuse right on the first try. Go me.


Emily said...

If her wedding guests have to respond using Google Docs, I hope she's not inviting her grandparents.

blivet said...

I think a tastefully wrapped two-by-four would be the perfect gift.

Morbo said...

I would vie for Himalayan Salt personally.