Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Lack of Infrastructure Equals Incompetence

Megan's all whiny cause she is too stupid to plan ahead. Naturally this means that the government is at fault.

You have never seen a city as completely incompetent at dealing with snow as Washington DC.

I mean, two feet of snow is inconvenient anywhere. But in DC, only the main streets have been plowed.
I'm gonna go ahead and guess that if DC kept the huge fleet of plows handy that would be needed to promptly take care of two feet of snow, Megan would call them wasteful for spending millions on something that is only needed once every 50 years.

UPDATE: I should have kept reading because we also have this beautifully thought out idea:
Here's a serious question: why don't more cities rent out their snow services? Upstate New York is apparently blissfully free of snow, and short of money. Washington DC is one of the flushest metro areas in the country, and in need of snow removal. Why not get some of the snow removal equipment--and talent--from Rochester and Syracuse and Buffalo on the road? They could be here in twelve hours at the outside, and have this place cleaned up in a jiffy.

It seems like this would be a win-win combination. But as far as I know, no one's even suggested it.
I just checked the forecast for Syracuse which will be "blissfully free of snow" for about 6 more hours. Then it will snow for a week. So, yeah, why not send all of your snowplows (which are only used for snow removal and recreational games of dump truck polo) and your personnel (which are apparently a group of volunteer snow fighters sitting around the snow house all day, waiting for a snow alarm to go off who don't need sleep)? That sounds like a fucking brilliant idea, Megan. So much better than making you walk a few blocks in the fucking snow because you're too stupid to plan ahead.


Jacquie said...

Yeah. I live in Rochester? And my street, which is a one-lane, one-way affair with on-street parking, doesn't get plowed for at least three days after it snows. Even if it snows two feet.

Susan of Texas said...

Why isn't she plowing her own damn roads?

John Galt in comments brings up personal responsibility. (He's far smarter than most of the commenters, yet still stupid enough to call himself after John Galt.) McArdle whines and makes excuses, of course.

Dhalgren said...

Perhaps Megan meant Texas. Texas has been snow-free since November.

Anonymous said...

Everybody thinks their city is singularly incompetent at snow removal. Googling city+snow+incompetent, I find that Philadelphia, Bellingham, Chicago, Dublin, New York, and DC (another DC person, not Megan) all have incompetent snow removal services.

I eagerly await Megan telling us that people in DC don't know how to drive in snow, which is also apparently true everywhere. Living in Iowa, and Connecticut I heard that people didn't know how to drive in snow there. I'm not sure where people are actually supposed to know how to drive in snow.

Anonymous said...

The idea of Dump Truck Polo is pretty fucking awesome.

And word Other Nony: the "people around these parts totally don't know how to drive in snow (unlike, it goes without saying, awesome me)!" trope sucks infinity.

Bill Rutherford, Princeton Admissions said...

Some wingnut commenter on DCist claimed that the federal DOT has a garage full of snowplows and snowblowers that sat unused. I wonder if this will gain traction.