Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Megan McArdle warns us to "Beware of Pundits Bearing Predictions" and I completely agree with her.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Why should I beware of pundits making meaningless predictions about superfulous crap? Am I going to die if some tech geek predicts the iPad will bomb and it doesn't? Will there be a plague of locusts or something?

Mr. Wonderful said...

"If Steven Spielberg had realized that 1941 was going to flop, he wouldn't have made it. But he couldn't tell, and there you are."

No, dear, there YOU are. WTF does this statement (which is false, BTW) have to do with "pundits" and predicting? How could Spielberg or any other creator of anything know Thing X is going to flop UNTIL it's made?

What she meant was, "If Steven Spielberg, HAVING MADE 1941, had realized it was going to flop, he would have," etc.

Does she sit up late at night, thinking of these things? Is that what's behind the insomnia and the kicking and the drugs? Of all the "support" to offer the (basically boring, trite, over-used, hackneyed) observation that (per Yogi) "it's hard to predict things, especially about the future," why THIS, which makes no sense and isn't applicable to begin with?

You know something? She should be fired.

bulbul said...

Maybe I could take out my Kindle, but then I'd have to put books back in for long plane journeys.
Could it really be that she doesn't know that there is a Kindle app for iPhone OS that syncs with the Kindle?
Also, reading PDFs on the Kindle sucks. GoodReader on iPhone OS FTW.