Monday, February 22, 2010

Megan is From NYC.

So apparently a Brooklyn accent drops "r"s. Next story, people from Boston say "soder" instead of "soda."

Fucking morong.

Love that she's on top of this. It reminds me of those times when she called out the conservatives for calling Obama/Sotomayor/every-liberal-ever a racist based on absolutely nothing.

brad adds:

Look, Megan became an expert on Brooklyn by dint of having ridden through it on the way to Coney Island once. In no way should someone assume that an 80s era overprivileged daughter of Manhattanites grew up terrified of Brooklyn and only going there on mandatory school safaris to dark lands trips. Oh, and that one time she went to Williamsburg in 2006 to visit a friend who was being all bohemian for a year, that totally counts, being surrounded by hipsters from Kansas and Nebraska teaches you lots about Brooklyn.

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NutellaonToast said...

Personally, I know all about Bklyn from hanging out with my friend from CMU who grew up next to Prospect Park. That door man he had was fucking gangsta.