Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another trip up Megan's ass


Thank God for telecommuting: The further south you go, the less annual snowfall one can expect. The people are thus less experienced in dealing with it, especially in a city composed of people from across the country and globe like DC. Obviously, this means all these people are pussies. (see update)

It's electric!:

..... the horror, the horror. Yuppies rhapsodizing about the overpriced crap they own should not be legal in public. Don't get me wrong, I like cool new toys, too, but god fucking damn. She went to Vietnam and heard how millions live on less yearly than she spent on individual pieces of the crap she's listed, and here we still are. Telling us what she learned on another continent is less important than beeping pieces of plastic.
I won't respond to her individual attempts at future free gadgets except to say that while Bose's high end gear is quite good, their cheap all in one systems broadcast in frukking mono. It can be interesting to listen to music on those little systems, as stuff buried in the back of the mix will sometimes end up as loud as the lead vocals, but you have to have no respect for musicians as artists to take their work and shove it through a mono portal. But by all means buy a carrying case for the piece of crap.

Musical notes: To quote Tabitha Soren of MTV News fame, according to urban legend; "who's the loneliest monk?"
*headdesk x infinity*

Mixed metaphor: Ezra said the cutest thing about health insurance versus car insurance while I was braiding his hair in study hall the other day. I don't know if I quite agree, tho.
[Not Megan voice] I have to share some quotes from this one.

Most people get insurance because it's illegal to drive without the stuff, even if they're reasonably sure they'll never be in an accident. Yes, some small segment of the population is uninsured. But they're mostly poor or irresponsible people who wouldn't have contributed much money to the system anyway.
And, quite possibly worse;
Remember that almost all of the people you're worried about not complying will almost never show up in a hospital; anyone who's actually sick and uninsured will presumably jump on community rating. So this isn't a problem about system access; few of them will try to swipe that card. It's a finance problem: what we're really worrying about here is that we can't take money from those young, healthy, uninsured people in order to subsidize the older, sicker people who buy insurance. But as I pointed out above, the people who will fail to buy health insurance under the new system are almost certainly the kind of people who have very little ready cash to contribute to the system. So it seems unlikely that the overall effect of their absence would be large.
The issue in health care is how the uninsured affect the system, not how being uninsured and denied full access to the system affects those people.

OIl [sic], oil [sic] toil and trouble: The second [sic] might be unfair, if she actually meant to say "oil toil", but that sounds quite stupid, and mangles the structure of the reference. This also sounds quite stupid;
But people in the world have a lot of spare income they can use to bid up the price of oil; the speed with which its price is increasing is a measure of just how useful the stuff is.
Dear motorists, stop outbidding each other for gas and the price will go down.

Eff the blegs, done.


Shits and giggles aside, that's actually a word that's fair to argue against using, generally. But, as the priest in HBO's Oz once said, "sometimes the only word that fits is shit".

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