Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tell Me What I Want, What I Really Really Want

More consumerism. Repellent enough. But this whole "I don't know what I want or when I can get it, can you heeeeeellllp me?" is really too much.

Given what I do with a bike, I'm thinking I might want a Trek Lime Shopping or a Gary Fisher Simple City model. But I don't know when they'll be out; obviously, I can't wait that long. Anyone have any scoop?
Why the link? So we can admire what she wants, & how cool it is & she is for wanting it? Wouldn't an e-mail to the manufacturer or distributor be more efficient (& informative) than a plea sent to the entire wired world?

One might imagine someone so "crunchy" (brittle?) would just buy a used bike cheaply somewhere, as it's obvious the local hooligans have her pegged as an easy mark for bike theft.

Dep't. of Ivy League English: "Scoop" is not a collective noun. It's "the scoop, not "any." Collective nouns would include: information, data, dope, poop, etc. Gaahh! And: She doesn't know when they'll be out, but "obviously," she can't wait that long, however long it may be. Gaahh, & gaahh again!!

Dep't. of Redundancy Dep't.: "I'm thinking I might want..." Please, Miss McArdle, stop double-qualifying everything you type. It gives those who read & understand English the distinct impression that you have no confidence in anything you type. (Then they read it, & they have no confidence in anything any more.)


spencer said...

I just visited the Giant Elf's blog for the first time in a while, and I was struck by the amount of content that is actually economics-related - the topic about which she was apparently hired to write seems to take up precious little of her site.

I wonder why that is.

M. Bouffant said...

The newest Voices blogger, Clive Cook, seems to be more of an actual economist, not just a Giant Elf w/ an M. B. A. major in "econ."

Someone has to do the heavy lifting.