Sunday, December 2, 2007


Just to follow MM's advice & post on a daily basis (though she must now think she's above that) I decided to peep @ Matt Yglesias, as he's right there in the Atlantic's Voices w/ Megan.

Okay, it's a Sunday and I'm flying back to the states today, so probably not much blogging until later, but starting Monday morning things'll be back to normal.
(He's blogging about blogging; now I'm blogging about him blogging about blogging. Blaaargh!!)

Can you people just keep your announcements of expected output between yourselves & your editors, assuming any of you have editors, or someone exercising some control over your "bloggy activities?" Few of us really give a flying whatever. (Seriously, no one even remotely stable is on the edge of his/her seat awaiting your next missive from on high.) And it's not as if MY hasn't posted four other items today.

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