Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here comes the flood

Megan was busy today, and has produced yet another astonishingly large pile of steaming crap. This calls for highly condensed Megan, dare I say shorter.

A moment of thanks for the modern minutemen: Haha, Naomi Wolf meant exactly what she said when I tried to mock her for it. It is to laugh.

I could have done better than this on a freshman composition, spotting Ms. Wolf three beers and an entire day wasted on Law & Order marathons.
... oh, and what's Google?

Paternalism: it's what's for lunch!: Efforts to have schools not sell unhealthy processed junk food are as foolish as attempts to keep children out of the workforce in developing nations.
That's why laws outlawing child labor, in areas where child labor is actually common, seem to result in a lot of dead children, or children shifted to worse labor than knotting rugs, such as the unregulated sex trade.
Yes, she actually typed out and published that sentence, with conscious intent.
Besides, the problem is the public school system, not corporations pushing crap.
In addition, I note that the federalism we currently have--the Department of Agriculture's various interventions--are one of the reasons that school lunches are such crap, since of course the Department of Agriculture's nutrition guidelines and other programs often sacrifice dietary soundness in favor of appeasing the various farm lobbies. Like Julian, I see no reason to federalize the nation's cafeterias.
Again, she actually wrote this.

OPEC gets greedy: Only white people can price gouge morally, you bastards.

Quote of the week: I love this sophistic argument against accepting the facts of global warming.*

Who's your daddy?: So Matt and Julian and I were totally talking at lunch today about whether it's demeaning to our parents for the school to consider whether to stop selling us Red Bulls and Doritos and then Matt had another heart attack and blahblahblahfuckityblah.
(Oh, note that in the url this post is titled "whose your daddy", meaning that's what she had there at first. Who says Megan doesn't do corrections?)

A for effort: Have I mentioned I like judging the people around me? It's because I am inherently gifted and live in a society which can't recognize it, or give me the opportunity to be as great as I really am. (Clem covered the money shot of this post two posts down.)

Skeptical inquirer: * - How could an approving quote of a global warming 'skeptic' be considered support of their cause?

Vive la difference:
I've never heard anyone deny that men are, on average, stronger than women.

Second favorite headline of the day:
Update A commenter points out that he wants a "Craigslist-like" database, not a Craigslist database. This implies that Craigslist is insufficiently like Craigslist. Or perhaps it is too much like Craigslist. So we want something that is like Craigslist, but not like Craigslist. Have I got that straight?

RHIP: I want power so I can be vindictive.

Upmarket: Wanna learn more about Vietnam's economy in a 250 word blockquote than I could cram into a week or so's worth of posting?



Anonymous said...

I especially liked the part where she described people who work in food service as "miscreants." Being someone who had to work in a restaurant to pay my way through college (I know this must be quite a concept for people like McArdle) that had to suffer the most absurd abuses at the hands of rude people and food snobs like her, it's probably one of the most offensive things I've ever read. I was a hard working, polite, mindful, courteous human being while I held that job, not a devious robotic villian. Sorry for the French, but what a bitch.

NutellaonToast said...

heh, no, the best is that today she both posted about how dang bright she was, and about incomprehension atthe idea of someone wanting something "Craig's List-like" instead of just Craig's List itself.

Also, how come no jab at calling herself strong while stating that some bikes are too heavy to carry up two flights of stairs? Did she used to have a motorcycle????