Sunday, December 23, 2007

More tales of travel

I wonder if Megan is still smarting about JFK making her wait for her bags on the day before Thanksgiving. I continue to be blessed by the gods of interstate travel.
I'm in JFK right now, about to fly to Florida for Festivus with the 'rents. Got to the airport a couple hours ahead of time, figuring today would be crazy. It isn't. There's no lines. At first I'm almost mad, cuz now I have hours to waste. Then I see my flight has been delayed a little under three hours. Must be real bad weather in a major hub today, everything to everywhere is delayed aside from the flights in the next hour. Poopy.
Then i see the 4:15 hasn't left, is on time, and for fifty bucks more has a seat for me. Now I'll be in Florida almost two hours before originally planned.
Wasn't a line at security. I'll say again, because it's that amazing. At 3 pm, the Sunday before Xmas, at JFK, there was no line at security.
Cuz Jebus luvs me.
N not Megan.
Merry Festivus.

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