Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heavy Lifting Done for Us. Thanks, G.!

Gavin M. @ S, N! picks on an "overgrown elf" for whom X-Mess is no doubt the happiest time of the year.

M. B. adds (seconds later): That'll learn me not to post before refreshing. The second link is still interesting, moreover.


spencer said...

Wow, so she really is just like Althouse, huh?

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is seriously creepy. Yeah, there is a world of personal stuff out there on flickr etc, but to have those pictures contextualized by her inane blogging... I felt pity, but it was a mean, ugly pity that put me to mind of Barton Fink and the Faulkner character's admonition "pity is the basest coin." David Bradley must be so proud of himself now.