Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend Cat Porn

Binkley wasn't too photogenic this week, as he mostly spent it sleeping off his sickness, so this is a mix of old shots and new. He's back to his normal self now, but was off solid food for about 4 days, which left him extra lethargic. I had to get a nutrient paste and force feed him it to make sure the not eating did no harm. He didn't like having me open his mouth and spread it on the back, but he noticeably improved soon after I did so. At any rate, he's ok now, so on with the porn.
Here we have his highness mildly annoyed he's not either in my lap or biting my hand.

Next, a nap under the bed in Florida.

Speaking of Florida, one last shot of Sasha, the rat kitten who got Binkley sick.

Now Binkley is healthy again, and the evil is back in his eyes.

He's baaaaa-aaaack.

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Anonymous said...

My parents' cat Sophia went absolutely crazy, as in, foaming-at-the-mouth-crazy, when you tried to force-feed her anything (pills, supplements, etc). It took two fully-grown adults to do the task.