Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Job

I'll assume Mlle. McArdle & both of my co-bloggers (Atlantic Seaboarders all) are snowed in, have lost their Internet connections to various manifestations of snow/ice/sleet, or something, explaining their lack of activity (Just have a note from your ISPs or a doctor on my desk Monday morning.)

In passing, I'll note that Ms. McA., who's been living, looking, listening & reading in this country for the better part of 34 yrs., is still amazed by hyperbole in advertising:

You know, I care about good credit and all, but I am not under the illusion that if my credit suffers, I will have to move into my parents' basement; presumably I will still have income.
That is awfully presumptuous of her. Many employers are looking beyond mere criminal records these days; your credit report can be as much a hindrance to an income that'll keep you out of the fianceƩ's mother's basement as that drunk & disorderly conviction from spring break. Many landlords are concerned w/ your credit rating as well, I might add. But some of us never have to worry about that, because we're just so smart that we're always making the "moral" choice, aren't we?

In the "drunk & disorderly" parts of Friday's Asymmetrical action, we are given a recipe for "hangover cure pasta." More of that false advertising mentioned above, as is (admittedly) admitted:
It was christened by a friend who believes that its alcohol-absorbing qualities are a sovereign cure for excessive imbibement.
A fine theory, except that the body recognizes alcohol as poison, & pumps it through the liver as quickly as possible, often ignoring nutritive substances that have somehow found their way into the digestive tract. Fortunately, some sound advice appears in the item, though you'll have to wait until the very end:
Serve with vitamin C, aspirin, and large quantities of water.
Why Ms. McArdle may need hangover cures:
M. McArdle, & Reason columnists Dave Weigel & Cathy Young. From the Reason "Happy Hour," 8 March 2007. Why can't Mr. Weigel unclench his fists? Potential sexual harassment suits if he opens 'em up?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what it's like elsewhere on the Atlantic Seaboard, but Syracuse is known for it's snow, and for generally getting more snow than elsewhere, at least in the upstate area. We survived, and what's more we have access to teh tubes, so maybe our patron saint of blogginess is just, well, a wimp.

At least I'm willing to bet she didn't so much as lift a shovel during this weekeend's events. Syracuse was forecast up to 20" in 48 hours, thankfully it wasn't that bad, but it was still a good foot of additional snow, probably more.

Dhalgren said...

Good call on the fists. Exactly correct.

McArdle must be travelling soon, also, so maybe her witty, insightful output will remain low for a while.

Oh, and I was at Nevada Smiths football (soccer) bar on Saturday, and one of the songs sung was 'Drunk & Disorderly.' Good drunken soccer song.

brad said...

I'm just busy with certain other evil shenanigans and holiday stuff and Megan taking the weekend off. I started a post on Megan's comparison of deafness to being gay, but I'm not sure I'll finish it.

M. Bouffant said...

I'm not even sure it snowed in D. C. over the wknd.

Here on the left coast ("You know the coast is the most/Because the surfin's the best!") we are expecting as much as two (Count 'em, two!) inches of rain, so I'll be busy piling sandbags around the building & watching the hills in case cars, mud & mansions come pouring down on me.

Completely uninvolved in X-mess other than warring on it; I'll try to take up any slack. Megan sez: "Post often." I hear & obey.