Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally Seeing Some "Green Shoots"

I've been heartily skeptical of the recent reports of "green shoots" from the press. I'm convinced now. The astute of you can guess why. That's right, McMoron is not so sure that it's anything more than bull. She feels we may be in for a long, drawn out decline. I'm pretty sure that means tomorrow everyone will be rich.

Thank God, this recession was getting on my nerves.


clever pseudonym said...

I am honestly shocked that you haven't been banned there yet, NoT. McArdle's all about skepticism, generalities and stating the obvious without having to do any real work with actual statistics. If you never go out on a limb by analyzing data and making predictions, you can never be proven wrong. What a lazy, gutless "journalist." She's more concerned about being criticized than doing her job effectively.

Ken Houghton said...

I would be amazed if McMegan actually knows what a second derivative is.

Broken clocks--or, in her case, electronic calendars--are rarely capable of higher math functions.