Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Never Stopped You Before, So Why Now, All of A Sudden?

From yesterday:

I haven't commented on it because other than the obvious--elections should result in the election of the person who got the most votes--I don't have anything to add. I know nothing about Iran, and I don't blog much about foreign policy because I don't know much about foreign policy.
Emphasis, obviously, mine. As Ms. McA. wasn't a nationally-known typist when democracy in America was finally smothered w/ a pillow in 2000/2001, we don't have a record of her reaction to that ugly mess, but it would be irresponsible not to speculate, wouldn't it?

But what about this? Can there possibly be anything more important than turning a profit by downsizing & out-sourcing? No, except maybe here, in this one case, where, well, maybe ...
The print media is hamstrung by the fact that they've slashed their foreign bureaus to the bone--and then amputated the bone. There are too few journalists in too few places to cover a big story like this.
Do you think so? Really? Tell you what, lie down w/ a cold compress on your forehead for a while, & then come back once your priorities are straight. Profit, then anything else. Not that anything else matters, really, compared to profit.


Ken Houghton said...

"Jane Galt" wasn't around ca. 2000-2001?

Revealing ignorance: "elections should result in the election of the person who got the most votes"

Uh, yes. Unless--in many cases, including the Iranian electoral system--that person does not receive a clear majority vote, in which case a "runoff" shall be held between the top two vote getters (ensuring that the person who is elected finally does receive a majority of the votes cast in the final round of the election).

Which is why McMegan's post is part of the series of Right-Wing Talking Points about how A. "won" the election--moving the bar from the Constitutionally-required majority to a plurality.

McMegan is reporting Her Masters's Voices, makiing her claim all the more dubious.

M. Bouffant said...

Don't think "J. G." was around in 2001.

As I understand the story, McArdle had a gig at an office at the WTC site dealing w/ clean-up, & started blogging there, as she had little to but copy & fax, which wasn't occupying all of her time & intellect.