Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Put Salt in Someone Else's Eyes

Shorter Megan:

Public Service Announcement for Graduating Students:Guys, I'm totally insightful because I gave journalism students selfish reasons to refrain from being total assholes. People were surprised by my super smarts1. Also, if I am vague about how I talked to them maybe it will sound like I gave a commencement address2.

1Or, perhaps, horrified that you'd use that argument, as if they would need to be told not to bash heads in so as to avoid blood spatter on their clothing

2Dear God, please don't tell me she actually gave a commencement address


Susan of Texas said...

Maybe she was just yelling at the kids hanging out at the local Apple store after school.

clever pseudonym said...

The irony of Megan giving advice to a group of people that are probably more qualified to do her job than she is...

Susan of Texas said...

McArdle's real advice: Go into debt for two decades to get a diploma. Then kiss ass until someone gives you a job. Ignore ethics and drive up site traffic with stupid, stupidly controversial posts. Cash check.

clever pseudonym said...

I just read her post and WOW is she phenomenally stupid.

That means you'll have a hard time getting a cell phone: no iPhone for you once Mom takes you off the family plan.

Um, there are other types of cell phones besides the iPhone and many of them are pay-as-you-go. Nobody that isn't a complete moron should have trouble finding them. People with bad credit will have ZERO trouble getting one.

You'll have a hard time getting a credit card.

No you won't. Maybe you won't get an American Express card or a giant bank card, but there will always be predatory lenders that will offer you credit at high interest.

You will have a hard time buying a car, particularly if the tight credit market persists.

You might have a hard time buying a shiny new car or leasing one with bad credit, but there are tons and tons of repo lots that will sell cars to people with bad credit, again, with high interest. You will wind up paying more, but you won't be stuck hoofing it for the rest of your life. Or you could look in the classifieds and buy one from a private owner with cash.

God, she gets dumber by the day.

Downpuppy said...

This one could get me banned there after 3 comments.

ChicagoEd said...

I'm hoping this post marks the return of Stupid Megan and the end of boring Econochannel Megan. After all there are changes in store at the Business Channel: Conor Clarke is out; some new asshole is in. It looks like they're co-editors--if the word editor and McArdle can exist in the same sentence.

This post is idiotic. Consider this: "I gave a talk to young journalism students last night, followed by a breakout session. I'm sure I was full of folksy, useless advice about working hard and keeping your nose clean and always calling mother on Sunday."

No idea what a breakout session is, thanks Megan, you great journalist. But the next sentence is worse. What, exactly, is she saying?

Why would it be "useless advise" to work hard and keep you nose clean? As a journalist, as any professional or anyone for that matter, working hard and working honestly should come naturally. But to Megan, she thinks that's all useless. The only thing that really matters is your credit score.

And why's there always this secrecy with McArdle. Why can't she tell us who she spoke to? Is it a secret? Remember the numerous mentions of her "housemate" before it was revealed that she was shacking up with superstud Peter? My guess is she talked to a group of fifth graders. Who else would be dumb enough to be "surprised to hear" dumb advice--pay your bills!--from a douchebag like McArdle?

Anonymous said...

Megan giving a talk to journalism students is bizarre unless the topic was "How to get jobs without having any skill, knowledge or talent."

The woman is an inspiration to all of us numbnuts who don't know what we're talking about but desire fame anyway.

Susan of Texas said...

She could be the patron saint of bloggers.

Anonymous said...

She might as well have said don't murder anyone and leave evidence.

NutellaonToast said...

Most of use don't worry about the "leaving evidence" part of murder, 'nony.

Downpuppy said...

I didn't know what to expect, but being told that (if you stand on your head, close one eye, & stick your finger up your nose) Megan was right - Sprezzatura!