Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tee Vee Eye

This, though published 12 June, was in The NYT's "e-mailed to me Opinion Section" this (I was conscious by 1100ish) a. m. Like everyone else around here, my patience w/ virtually everything of late is as short as something very, very short, & my patience w/ Our Muse is not detectable w/ an electron microscope. But when somerthing is shoved in one's face, well ...

What little I watched seemed as dense as expected from Mlle. I think we all know that, in the mind of McArdle, the most important aspect of any health care reform is that non-working parasites (investors) must not be kept from making a profit on the pain & suffering of others. And there's something to that effect here.

If you can watch the whole thing, you're a better (or at least stronger-stomached) person than I am. Which isn't saying much.


bulbul said...

So I clicked the link and scrolled to a random timestamp, about one minute in. In roughly 10 seconds, Megan admits that what she'd been claiming (something about doctors moving somewhere) is not backed up by actual research.
QE fucking D.

M. Bouffant said...

Randomness sounds like an excellent way to approach Megan.

It's not as if she's always stringing thoughts together in coherent order. Why pretend she is, jump in anywhere.