Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silly Whitey

Megan has unkind words for W.A.R. which, as she doesn't bother to tell you, is the "White Aryan Resistance." Frankly, I'm all for resisting white Aryans even though I'm half of one myself, so I don't know what the problem is. Apparently one W.A.R. members got confused and shot some Jews at the holocaust museum. He must have thought it was a museum for the NAZIs in the holocaust and not the Jews. Innocent mistake, in my eyes, but whatevs. Anyway, in case you're wondering, my other half is Jewish which leads to a lot of gun fights between my right and left hands, but the white Aryan hand is Quaker and a pacifist so never remembers the bullets, but the Jewish side is my left hand so has really bad aim cause I'm right handed. A lot of innocent bystanders go down in that centuries old conflict, let me tell you.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Meggles.

A lot of people have picked up on the fact that white separatists are apparently worried that the shooting makes them look bad. This is hilarious in a laugh-until-you-cry sort of way, as is their strenuous efforts to ensure that we all realize he's nuts. Trust me, folks--we think you're all nuts.

But like Yglesias, what really struck me is that John de Nugent telling the Washington Post that "the responsible white separatist community condemns this."
Well, at least she gave an example for the white separatist thingy. I guess her and Fatty-Y had a falling out cause she's not link-lovin' him today. It's a shame, really, as noting the folly of violent racists is really funny and original and I wish people did it more often! See, like this:
What, one wonders, characterizes the responsible white separatists? Are their swastika armbands all made from 100% biodegradeable materials? Do they take care that the leather in their jackboots comes from humanely raised cows? Do they carefully follow the Forest Service's wildfire prevention guidelines when burning crosses? Are their white separatist brownie points for attending school board meetings or chairing the Community Chest drive?
Oh man, I'm laughing till I cry all right, only I'm skipping the laughing part. Oh, and, Meggles? Comedy comes in twos. Four examples? Man, she must REALLY think those crazy racists are crazy. I'll never question her racial sensitivity again.
But their concern does raise one interesting point: it's not actually possible for the white separatist movement to look any worse than it does. George Tiller's killing cast some genuine shame over the pro-life movement that nurtured his killer. But did yesterday's horror make you think any less of W.A.R.? You couldn't actually think any less of them, could you?
Ah, the world of Megan. An interesting point is to note that people don't just loathe white supremacists, they really loathe white supremacists.

Seriously, did you ever stop to think that if surgery accelerated global warming you likely wouldn't think less going through it? I mean, you can't hate getting surgery any more than you already do! That is so fucking interesting! Same goes for getting cow shit shoved in your face! Fuckin' a, man, so true. Lemme look at the back of a dollar bill, now.

Oh, and her other post today is entirely someone else's work. It's about how silly racists are. Phew, I'm glad Megan's run through her latest 8-ball finally. All those long posts in her own words were getting painful. Hahah, man, though, those white supremacists sure are silly. Hoo-boy, silly, silly, silly.


Susan of Texas said...

And yet she allows racist comments on her site.

clever pseudonym said...

"You couldn't actually think any less of them, could you?"

Yes. If some mentally under-developed moron wants to sit in his garage with his survivalist friends and talk about how much darkie is ruining the country, I think he's an asshole, but if he picks up a gun and actually kills on behalf of his stupid beliefs, I'm going to think a HELL of a lot less of him.

I think all the stupid is giving me a headache today. You'd think I'd have developed some level of tolerance by now.

Chad said...

I don't understand how Megan could be so perplexed at the concept of the "responsible" white supremacist. All she has to do to find out about their perspective is head over to the Atlantic offices and chat up Andrew Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

What's with the hotlinked "wildfire prevention guidelines"? The linked site is irrelevant to her argument and not particularly interesting. She was too lazy to find a link to a page on that actually discusses said guidelines.

I suppose it might be an ad placed by the Forest Service. Perhaps more likely (given her constant linking to Amazon) is that she's get some kind of kickback for click throughs. I think the best explanation is that she knows blog posts are supposed to have a link or two but is too lazy to find relevant links so she just throws any old stuff in there.