Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Affiliated

Fire David Letterman
but less likely to succeed than we are.
Also, we have the small amount of class needed to credit the late, great, Fire Joe Morgan for partial inspiration behind this place, whereas they suck. Then again, who knows how many of those conservative run firemedialiberalx websites were started by folk who stopped by here first. It's certainly clear I beat them all to the punch, and that most of them are run by the kind of people who enjoy the on-air stylings of Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver. Suspicious.
Of course, it is the work of John Ziegler, who you may remember for swearing incoherently at Nate Silver instead of honestly addressing flaws in his work, or, more likely, for being physically expelled from USC's campus while either not sober or improperly medicated, or, most amusingly, for being a total asshole on a tv date show.
It is unnecessary to begin a Fire John Ziegler website, just for the record, as he's more than capable of taking care of that himself.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Fire David Letterman site expecting to find someone complaining that he caved in to demands for an apology from Palin but was surprised to see they want him fired for making a joke.

Do they understand what comedians do?

clever pseudonym said...

Anon - given how much that site made me laugh, I think they know exactly what comedians do. If they didn't intend it as comedy, it's just our luck that it is hilarious.

Susan of Texas said...

Where is the snark? You can't just bark out Sign this! and Give up that! You have to have something to bring 'em back.

M. Bouffant said...

Don't forget FireMickeyKaus, which has never, to the best of my limited knowledge, given one ounce of credit to this exciting & pioneering site.

Still pretty good, though.

M. Bouffant said...

Also: That schmuck Ziegler doesn't have a job he could be fired from, does he?

Anonymous said...

Actually someone did make a fire John Ziegler website. Enjoy it at http://firejohnziegler.com

brad said...

Actually, FMK sent me an email back when they were clued in to us. It's probably fair to say that was parallel evolution, and not a rip-off.