Wednesday, June 24, 2009


let's clear the deck so I can decide to either pretend Megan's latest magazine piece doesn't exist, or face it head on.

Rethinking the Kindle:

We were thinking of becoming a two-Kindle family. Now I'm rethinking the one I've got. I'm a total supporter of hard DRM. But if I have to wipe my Kindle, or upgrade to a new one, I don't want to find out I have to buy all my books again.
Hard DRM for thee, not me. Because it's an obvious libertarian principle that you shouldn't give people full ownership of the products they purchase.

Healthcare Economics: Standing Athwart History, Shouting "Stop!":

Here we have Megan at her paid propagandist worst. The assumption of eternal inflation means everyone will have technically more money in the future, so that 30% and growing bite that health care takes out of your budget will... something. Because Megan is a hack she forgot or didn't bother to produce an actual argument, knowing that simply saying us dumb proles can afford to pay 50% or more for health care will please the people she has to worry about. You want to get mad, as a reader, but there isn't even really enough there to be angered by.

Comment Sense: What if the Kindle Had Been Invented First?:

Yes, she's so lazy she's posting more comments. This one is all dude, what if we invented computers before paper, and also electricity, plastic, wireless communications, metallurgy, modern computer engineering....
Then, like wouldn't it be worth it to risk $400 if you drop what you're reading in a bathtub, as opposed to $20-30 for a hardcover edition?
Books, it should be remembered, require a source of electricity to function more than... what 4-6 hours probably?

Blast from the Past:

This is basically a no-post. Megan says nothing of any import, links to herself a few times, then uses another blog for filler. The only thing to mock is the near complete lack of content.

Might be back later tonight with a look at that article, might not.


Anonymous said...

How many times has that idiot McArdle posted about her stupid fucking Kindle? And why? The idea is that you pay Amazon $500 for some kind of weird Etch-a-sketch, and after that everything's gravy. WTF? Does anyone really think that the Kindle will still be around in 20 years? In 2129 FFCOL? Unlike, say, a book. Megan, hate to break it to you, you hipster, but the Kindle is to books what the Segway is to transportation: a stupid nerdy waste of money.

Anonymous said...

If computers and the internet came before books and movies, copyright laws would not exist.

896216598755556665 said...

And don't be so hard on McArdle Kindle fetish. There are clearly no libraries or book stores in a place as provincial as New York.

bulbul said...

You want to get mad, as a reader, but there isn't even really enough there to be angered by.
Exactly! It was like when you're on the bus and someone pushes you, hard enough so that you feel it, but not enough so that you can get angry and push back or cuss them out. Just your average level of st00pid delivered in small doses that slowly eats away at your soul.

Kindle is to books what the Segway is to transportation
Well, more like mini disc. It is pretty cool and it seems to have developed a devout fan base, but inevitably, something better will come along. Hopefully pretty soon.

clever pseudonym said...

At least yuppie douches like McArdle are useful for something. They're always the hipster idiots who have to run out and buy every gadget that hits Radio Shack the second they're for sale. While they're paying through the nose to be some tech developer's unpaid post-release beta tester, I'm laughing away. It's amusing watching them fumble through all the unexpected glitches and downsides of their high-priced gadgets that are destined for the fate of the dinosaurs.

NutellaonToast said...

They get to star in movies with Jeff
Goldbloom? that seems pretty sweet, actually.