Friday, December 11, 2009

The Assalt Continues

Oh my, do I appear to have struck a nerve. The I-still-talk-about-Sarah-Palin-but-am-otherwise-ok TBogg points out that Megan has followed up on some of my comments on her salt explanation.

We'll leave the snark aside, and just watch the huff and puff happen on its own:

The question is not whether I know how to use it or not--and as the daughter of a Manhattan foodie who grew up around caterers, restauranteurs, and associated types, you are seriously pushing down the wrong road if you think you can impress me with some foodie chest beating. That grew old and sad when I was about twelve.

No, the question is, how do I use it? I use it the way I described. I described it poorly. But there you are.

Oh, lordie, I'd hate to push down the wrong road. I'd also hate for anyone to ever call me a foodie again, but, thus is blogging Megan McArdle's reading skills.


Clever Pseudonym said...

I didn't know you were the daughter of a Manhattan foodie. All this time, I thought you were a guy.

Christ, she is really full of herself to think you were trying to "impress" her by calling bullshit. She blatantly said she used these fancy salts in her cooking and then turned around and said it was her readers who were the ones who were confused.

Though it's funny that she tries to whip you for your supposed "chest beating" being the "old and sad" stuff of pre-teens. You know what grew old and sad when most of us were twelve? Putting on airs to pretend to be something we're not. Megan's managed to turn that into a career, for goodness' sake.

Anonymous said...

And it's "restaurateur", McMegan you dink, not "restauranteur.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm still baffled about this "foodie" thing. Has she studied cooking, researched, learned techniques? What is her experience? Cooking meals every day for years or cooking for the occassional dinner party?

Are her taste buds supposed to be extra-fine, her palate extra-delicate? Her recipes show no evidence of this. You can't just say "I grew up in Manhattan and my mother catered for a while so I know food."

Susan of Texas said...

Also, this.

bulbul said...

Has she studied cooking, researched, learned techniques? What is her experience?
No, of course not. That would be too vulgar. She, the daughter of a Manhattan foodie, is a foodie by virtue of being born to a foodie family. And then there's the gadgets. Yeah, that's it - birth and property. Long live the modern aristocracy!

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily I'd say everyone likes to think their a semi-expert on something. Movies, wine, beer, sports- whatever. It's a harmless feeling most of the time because when you talk about it with friends who know nothing about the subject, they assume that you know what you're talking about and are a little impressed.

But this is the internet. The place where harmless self-delusions are popped on a regular basis. Everyone who participates in various chatrooms and boards goes through this at some point. But not Megan. Megan's self-delusions of cooking genius are indestructable. The army should make tanks out of Megan's delusions. They're that inpenetrable.

Downpuppy said...

All this holier than thou & in the thread title you mispelsed asssalt.

NutellaonToast said...

Now, now, downpuppy, there'e no need for curse words.