Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unlikely Events

Huh. This.

Let's guess that Megan doesn't point out the bullshit behind that media frenzy like she did with the census worker.



Downpuppy said...

Hell, megan is still kicking the hippies who were against the Iraq war -


It's like opposition to the war. It's entirely true that the war became an excellent stick with which to bash George Bush. But that was not actually the reason that most of the people who were against the war happened to also be people who hated George Bush. Rather, the more reflexively pacifist you are, the more likely you are to be a member of the Democratic Party, or some group to the left of the Democratic Party.

Unknown said...

Jesus. Tell that to Pat Buchanan.

Andrew Johnston said...

"[R]eflexively pacifist." Wow. That's just...spectacular, is what that is. I love how in Megan's world, the sentiments "war is bad" and "kill them all" are identical in radicalism. It goes a long way towards explaining her worldview.

Anonymous said...

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