Friday, December 11, 2009

Concern Troll is Concerned AND Retarded

Megan McArdle, always the crusader of truth and justice, has some things to say about us liberals. Most recently, we must be told that "Baucus Needs to Go" because he appointed a girlfriend to a post. I don't recall Megan ever stepping in about any other instances of cronyism, but, hey, now's as good a time as any to start. Hecuka job, McWatchdog.

But there's also the more pressing political issues. For example, what a horrible job Obama is doing. She Cavuto marks, asking "Are Democrats Sunk?" Is Megan McArdle angling for a FOXNEWS!!!! job?

So let's find out why Democrats are sunk:

  • Obama has scored some of the lowest Gallup approval ratings of any president at this point in his term
  • 44% of Americans told PPP, a Democratic polling outfit, that they'd vote for Bush over Obama. I mean, Obama still won handily, but when George W. Bush is polling 44% against you, you have to worry.
  • now has health care reform at 53% against, 38% for.
  • Charlie Cook's tracking of the shifts in political races certainly doesn't look good. Here are the results for Congressional races:
  • Solid Democrat to
  • Likely Democrat: 7
  • Likely Democrat to Solid Democrat: 1
  • Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat: 5
  • Likely Democrat to Toss Up: 2
  • Lean Democrat to Toss Up: 4
  • Toss Up to Lean Democrat: 1
  • Toss Up to Lean Republican: 1
  • Lean Republican to Likely Republican: 1
  • Likely Republican to Solid Republican: 1

So, let's see, we have approval ratings in the tank. We have Obama is still better than Bush. We have opposition to health care. I'd point out what bullshit this all is, but Megan does it for us in her own update:
Update: I should add that I think that Kevin's right on one thing: the base is a real problem for the party. I was talking to a libertarian friend yesterday who is a professor in the midwest, and we were marvelling at just how delusional many Obama voters seem to have been about what he was going to accomplish. Don't get me wrong--I certainly don't approve of everything Obama has done. But the guy got elected to be president of the United States, not Prime Minister of Sweden. Anyone who seriously entertained the notion that the procedural obstacles to enacting legislation in the United States would suddenly fall away--along with the essentially center-right politics of the American voter--is probably not mature enough to be driving.
Megan is right about one thing, people were making shit up about Obama in terms of what he was going to accomplish. However, this isn't because he can't just rule by waving his magic wand. This is because he's an unrepentant centrist. Any idiot can see that, but so many idiots haven't. Megan McArdle is, apparently included in that list.
Yet Obama's progressive base is incredibly demoralized by the inability to pass sweeping cap and trade and health care legislation without input from conservatives, or special interest groups. To me, it seems obvious that they should still be strongly supporting Obama and Democrats, for all their flaws. But it doesn't seem to be obvious to them, and it looks like they're not going to mobilize for 2010 the way they did in 2008, even if Congress manages to pass some monstrous kludge of a health care bill in the new year.
Yes! Obviously! You should totally support someone who isn't pushing for the things you want accomplished because he's on "your team!" What could possibly go wrong?

Ugh, I can't even go on.


Anonymous said...

" now has health care reform at 53% against, 38% for."

Well, yes it does. I was wondering how the poll question was phrased. The Pollster story aggregates other polls, so wording varies. However, Megan didn't bother to read the whole article which goes on to say:

"The problem with the general favor-or-oppose question about health care reform, [Jonathan Chait] argued, "is that it lumps together Obama's critics from the right with those from the left." Other questions he cited appear to show that "majorities of the public either support Obama's approach or wish it went further."

As long as it looks like a public option won't happen and "health care reform" will simply be a massive give-away of taxpayers dollars to for-profit insurance corporations, I'm against "health care reform". I've seen polls recently that had support for a public option over 50%, so I don't think all the opposition to current health care reform proposals is coming from the right.

You can call me Elle. said...

Please tell me you will soon address this masterpiece:

Because it made me literally foam at the mouth. Maybe it's too easy. I'm new here.