Thursday, December 31, 2009


Go Read.

Any snark would just be detritus on the pristine surface of that man's ever expanding worldview.

Far Fucking Out



Downpuppy said...
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Clever Pseudonym said...

HEY! Would it kill you to give a "Not Safe for ANYWHERE" warning when linking to George Will? Like people do when they link to porn? Just as a courtesy to your readers? I don't want to see out the end of the year with that guy under my skin.

Malaclypse said...

You can't convince me Will doesn't smoke a lot of weed. A whole lot.

bulbul said...

What CP is trying to say, but is too polite to, is "oh fuck you sideways, NoT." No disrespect or nothin'.

bulbul said...


I've known a lot of potheads and mushroom devotes in my day (which, by the way, was Thursday), but I swear to whatever deity just happens to be watching, this fucker is waaay out there. If he is smoking weed etc., he must be getting some primo shit. Exhibit uhIdunno W:
Yet the Constitution still constitutes
And they published this in WaPo.

Also, "constitute" is a transitive verb, at least in Standard American English.

Susan of Texas said...

I think he did mushrooms while lying out under the stars in his backyard. They found him in the morning, clutching a potted plant and singing "I Am A Bill."

bulbul said...


you sure it was "I Am A Bill" and not "We The People?"

Susan of Texas said...

That's much better.

Anonymous said...

Complaining about the inaccuracy of numbers that were clearly made up for the sake of hyperbole may be irredeemably nerdy, but the eerie pseudo-precision of Will's "99.9 (and about 58 more 9s) percent of the universe" is really bothers me. A high estimate for number of atoms in the universe is 10^81, so if the earth is 1/10^61 of the universe, the earth would consist of less than .001 moles of matter.

Downpuppy said...

He was talking volume, not mass.

If you assume a cubic universe (like Bizzaroworld, Will's home planet) with a diameter a bit over 10**20 that of earth, the volume is about 10**61, as he claimed.

I figgered that out after making the first comment, the one I deleted.