Monday, December 7, 2009

Now It's Xmas!

As promised, the "kitchen edition" of Ms. McArdle's annual gift guide is available. Our commentariat, in breathless anticipation, indicates she does an electronic gadgets edition as well. I can't remember (selective amnesia) but the commentariat — Season's Greetings to All! while I'm on about the holidays — can usually be trusted.

I cannot recall another general interest/socio-econ-poli/Media Village web log that comes up w/ a gift guide every yr. (though I'm sure examples will be found) so I'll just question the whole enterprise, w/o passing any judgement on the recommended kitchen equipment, that sort of thing being far out of my area of expertise. If any one in the truly vast wasteland of cyberspace has anything to type on her choices, please pitch in. We welcome your comments!

And if I can trouble myself to read more, I may have more later. The idea of what not to buy ("Bad Ideas") is intriguing. Nobody knows the trouble Megan's seen, but they're about to find out.


NutellaonToast said...

I thinking knowing anything about what Megan is talking about is far from a requisite for realizing she's stupid and also being more informed about that subject than she is.

She has like anti-learning capabilities. Entire fields get set back 20 years by her simple attempts to research them

Clever Pseudonym said...

Um, when has Megan made an attempt to research anything? Did I miss those five minutes somehow?

I was going to go to town on her insipid list, but I must read NoT's take on it first.

(seriously. Try to imagine the expression on a loved one's face at Christmas as they open your gift to them, revealing a bloody hand-held lemon zester)