Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Longer Megan McArdle

Mental Health Break
When someone insults me and calls me ugly they are being uncivil. When someone does it to someone else and it takes 25 pages that is funny!
Let's also note that the thing to which she links is more self-important than funny. I am amused at the notion that she read this polemic of an insult but can't be bothered to find out solutions to her broken side mirror problem on her own.


Anonymous said...

Megan, it turns out, has even less of a sense of humor than I thought. She excels in the area of minimalism.

M. Bouffant said...

I'd like to know how that qualifies as a "Mental Health Break."

"Jerk Break" would be more apt.

bulbul said...

Also, "Mental Health Break" from what?

Clever Pseudonym said...

Come on, guys. Looking up "jerk" and "idiot" in a thesaurus and adding each entry behind "You are a(n)..." is fricking hilarious! Throw in a little extra self-righteousness because there are people in the world who aren't aware of the protocol and minute details of your particular area of expertise and you've got comedy gold. The fact that it was originally posted in 1999 makes it all that more cutting edge.