Thursday, December 24, 2009


Xmas is all about the day little baby zombie Jebus was(n't actually) born(, that was in the spring). Therefore Bill O'Reilly gets to feel persecuted for spending more than most families earn in a year on gifts for himself and agnotheist Megan gets to feel self-important for being able to tell people what plastic crap they should buy to be like her on a holy day.
So happy zombie baby Jebus and CocaCola can Santa Day.


3D said...

Where does the "Jesus born in the spring" thing come from? From the evidence we have, he wasn't born at all, let alone a specific time of year.

brad said...

Fair point, but in the novel there's a number of references to things happening around the birth that occur in the spring.

Anonymous said...

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NutellaonToast said...

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brad said...

That spam is just too funny to delete.