Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Megan just sent me this handy link. She's such a godsend.

UPDATE She also sent me some of Heath Ledger's earlier work. Warning, for teenie boppers only:


Clever Pseudonym said...

Except Megan wouldn't recommend using American cheese. She'd tell you to use some artisan, fancy brand of cheese so that you knew how sophisticated she was. She'd also hawk the butter boat thing and some cheese slicers, then spend ten minutes explaining why you needed to cut the sandwich with a $400 knife (links to Amazon thoughtfully provided). If we're lucky, we'd get a ten minute tutorial introducing us to the concept of this highly complicated device known as the "frying pan," which few people outside of Megan's elite circle are familiar with.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty basic, but then we aren't born knowing how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, so this video will surely help someone. And if that someone asked me, I advise not to use white bread and that awful cheese that comes in plastic wrappers.

NutellaonToast said...

I think you learn how to make grilled cheese before you learn how to use youtube.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Undoubtedly it will help someone. Someone who is twelve. I've got no objections to the video, but Megan would post something like this for the Atlantic readership, who are more than likely educated adults that knew how to make grilled cheese before they hit puberty.

bulbul said...


or someone from a different culture who is unfamiliar with the concept of "grilled cheese sandwich" and has hitherto believed that this was a sandwich made with grilled cheese.
Then again, that someone would be well advised not to trust anything Megan publishes/links to.