Friday, October 24, 2008

An admission

I was glad when Megan wasn't posting, because I don't really feel like paying attention to her right now, not when the BEST ELECTION EVER is taking place. For the last month all I think I've really done is look at the daily polls and the Corner and cackle. And read Nixonland, which feels like an obituary. Megan just doesn't rate.
All of which is to say posting will probably continue to be light from me for the next 12-13 days. Megan will, unfortunately, still be there after the election, ready to act disappointed by the vast majority of what President Obama will actually do. I'll try to get back to a daily post or two, but no real promises till the hangover is gone on the 5th. This is just too good not to soak in.

For example;

(via firedoglake)


Susan of Texas said...

Eh, she's just cranking up the blathering. Nobody could have known, it's too hard for you to understand, regulation suxs, people who get on tv instead of me are jerks.

SV said...


I am not sure if you guys visit this site: (no personal affiliation).

This person berates Megan as well.


clever pseudonym said...

The owner of that site has a comment immediately above yours.

Blathering I've come to expect from Megan, but I really, really wish the editors at the Atlantic would send around a memo instructing their blogging staff that things like "AFIK" and "IIRC" are not bloody WORDS. Megs is writing in a professional capacity, not txting her BFF. WRITE THE @#$%ING WORDS OUT.

Sorry for shouting, but that gets on my stinking nerves.

SV said...

Holy cow,

Clever: Well I feel (am) stupid. I was randomly clicking blog rolls and I randomly found that site. I need to find a scapegoat quick.