Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wildly off topic

As many of you know, certain right wing bloggers have taken up a National Enquirer story as the basis of accusing Obama of being the victim of pedophilia. (Yes, I said accuse. Here's a good summary and set-up for those who haven't read about it yet.)
You'll note, if you follow that link, that Dan Riehl thought it'd be fun to joke about this topic, and said

No wonder he says "Pakit-stan" in that funny way of his! heh!
cuz raping kids is FUNNY.
This, however, is not the point of my post. The point of my post is a comment added to Dan's post that is, to me, at least, truly wondrous. I give you... riggword.
This post gives me new understanding of the Obama phenomenon. He is playing the deviant card. His followers, many of which believe in accepting deviant lifestyles, are engaged with this man. Your post has confirmed something that I have always felt intuitively. Obama is an attractive deviant sort of guy. He attracts that primal instinctual lust for the odd. Humans are a lusty animal. Inside we feel things that cannot be explained but must be controlled and resisted. Obama makes it Ok for us humans to explore our lusty deviant side. Obama gives us comfort with our odd inner thoughts. Unfortunately if he gains power he will release and make acceptable many of our deepest deviant lustful thoughts and then more people will act on what they use to resist and conquer.

God will allow a nation to stray into deviancy, look at Sodem and Gamora. God will allow American to go down that path to teach us a lesson, "Obama May be God's Choice for America, riggword letters" at: http://riggword.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/obama-may-be-gods-choice-for-america-riggword-letters/

Thank you for your post and video and this space to write,
Let me make one thing clear; I'm leaving that link in, and putting it there, in the hopes of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for riggword to follow back here. That fellow would be a a wonderful pet troll, and I hope he comes to visit.
I also hope he seeks some form of treatment. The overwhelmingly vast majority of us do not harbor barely contained lust for children, because we aren't pedophiles.
He might just be gay, though, in which case all I can say is it's ok.


Susan of Texas said...

I don't think he can see the breadcrumbs from inside his closet.

Clem said...

What's he got against gigantic flying turtles that develop disturbingly close bonds with small boys? Oh, Gamora. Got it.

Chad said...

I've heard it theorized many times that wingnuts just don't understand the concept of consent. This pretty much clinches it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from you guys yet about this little gem from Megan:

"Krugman's math is far too impenetrable for this English major, but the conclusions are as clear and lovely as a bell."

So she's basically saying that math is hard and she has no special expertise in economics.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Projection? Yeah, baby--IMAX-style.

Aaron said...

Gamora was the Godzilla opponent that looked like a giant insect, right?

Anonymous said...

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