Monday, October 13, 2008

Recommended Reading

How I Caused the Worst Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression, by any number of rich white guys, edited by Alan Greenspan.


Morono said...

Drrrr Dear Megan, I am stupuid and do not no what to make of our unprecedented economic crisis. Can you do anything to help me? s/ Morono

Dear Mr. Morono,

Why don't you read these twenty-seven books that I mention, most of which are out of print. After you have spent the next six weeks reading my suggestions, then maybe you'll know about as much as I do about our economic crisis and we can touch base then. Tata for now. I'm still sick. Boo hooo me.

Susan of Texas said...

Maybe somebody should check on her. She's been gone a long time. Her boss might not notice, but surely someone's looking for her?