Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back on topic

Megan decided to work. David Bradley must be so pleased. A couple shorters now, a longer post on deck.

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel prize:

After grudgingly admitting that she can't argue against the judgment of her betters, Megan admits she's not so good at the math involved in real economics. Is this because she's a girl? Megan's not sure. On one hand, she doesn't like it when other females make counting errors, but she is willing to dismiss criticism from feminists on the grounds that their vaginas get in the way of adding correctly. I guess this means Megan really is a feminist?

College bound:

Why should I care if a bus driver is educated? Learning has no intrinsic value, especially not for proles.

Next up, a trip down memory lane.


clever pseudonym said...

The fact that Megan thinks three years of college is a "lovely, long vacation" explains a lot if that was her own attitude about her education. My college years were spent busting my ass between studying and working to pay for it all. Even if I didn't have to work, attending and passing classes alone would have been far from an extended holiday.

not even an mba said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I'd like to take a whack at your favoritest glibertarian:

But though the timing may have been political, the prize is well deserved...

The timing may have been political? Well, with apologies to the folks at S,N! Sadly, No!

The Academy's decisions are announced and published on the Academy’s and the Nobel Foundation’s web sites immediately after the vote in mid-October each year.

SV said...


Clever: That's what struck right away to me as well that college was 3 year vacation. You know, most would consider that very elitist to think that people have that kind of money and time to just throw away.

You know I also don't like the fact that it is common wisdom to denigrate the B.A. degree. When did that become the norm that a B.A. was inherently useless? Just curious.

spencer said...

My college years were spent busting my ass between studying and working to pay for it all.

Mine too. But then again, I don't come from wealth, and also had to work through high school just to save up for the first couple years at a state university.

I will be the first to admit that college was a lot of fun. But a vacation it wasn't.

clever pseudonym said...

SV - my guess is that degrees are only inherently useless to the likes of people like McArdle, who saw the years they spent earning them as a vacation. They probably slip by with a 2.1 GPA, kissing the egos of their professors for passing grades and don't give a thought to the importance of the actual learning experience. That's why her attitude is so disgusting. Money and earning potential are not the sole purpose for obtaining an education. Think of all of us nasty proles, out there learning about literature, philosophy and art, when we should spend our time being productive in aprons, fetching Megan and her friends their crumpets or fixing their trendy cars for them.

Spencer - college was a ton of fun for me, too. That's what made the hard work worth it.

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