Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peak wingnut

for both of you who read us but not S,N! and/or Whiskey Fire or the other 20 dozen liberal blogs that have covered this, or will, Pam Atlas has won the wingnut internets, and has decided Obama is the secret child of Malcolm X. (It's a long and crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy post, the win is down at the end.)
Sure, it sounds batshit insane, but how do you know? The one person who really knows, Obama's mother, is conveniently dead. Pam's next scoop will be the details of B. Hussein X's murder of his mother to silence her. Genetic tests of Obama and Malcolm X's relatives would reveal the truth, but they'd only lie about the results anyway.
I hope Pam has anti B. Hussein X protests in NYC soon. There's one in Boca tomorrow, which my friend down there already refused to attend. I want to meet Pam Atlas in person, and make certain she's not Ziggy Pop in drag in an incredibly extended gag. That softcore porn video in the surf proved nothing, they can do anything with special effects.


Dhalgren said...
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Dhalgren said...

I try to ignore Pam Atlas, but that post is the rantings of a madwoman. I mean we're talking Son of Sam, Charles Manson stuff.

And to anyone who reads this blog and not Sadly, No! did you find it then?? This blog is like the spin-off band project to Sadly.

Susan of Texas said...

Does that make me a tribute band, lol?

M. Bouffant said...

Spin this!!

Turns out brad is close to correct in his prediction, 'cept it's O's grand-mama, & they can't decide just when the Sen. had had his granny killed, right now, or a few days ago but they sat on the news until Election Eve.